Even after the Black Friday weekend is over, the shopping spirit lives on. The weekend is followed by another day which many people spend online shopping. Cyber Monday online sales enable customers to continue with their shopping sprees.

While these Cyber Monday sales may seem very attractive to you, there are a few things that you must be careful about. Since these sales take place online, there is always a security risk. Here is how you can keep yourself safe during Cyber Monday shopping.

Nowadays, it is common to pay for everything online. It is convenient but also risky. So the next time you are about to avail some amazing online Cyber Monday deals, take care not to reveal your bank account details to the wrong people. Make sure you spell the store’s URL correctly, since even a small typo could lead you to a scam site.

When paying for Cyber Monday shopping, the seller’s website will ask you to enter your credit card details. Make sure the site is secure and has the ‘https’ part in the URL. This indicates a safe and secure connection between you and the actual seller.

Moreover, use a trusted Wi-Fi connection. You may find yourself in public on the day of the best Cyber Monday sales. But using an unreliable internet connection would cost you way more than your Cyber Monday coupons. Therefore, wait until you can get to a safe connection, such as home or work. Furthermore, when availing Cyber Monday specials, you should avoid stores which store your bank information.

Also, make sure that you change the default passwords to all your devices that are connected to the internet. They can be used easily to hack into your home wireless network and steal your information.

Be careful what links you click on. Sometimes, legit-looking emails are sent with fake links. They ask you for details and later misuse them. So, the next time you receive an email with amazing Cyber Monday ads, ensure that they are indeed genuine.

After you are done purchasing your favorite Cyber Monday deals, go over your credit card bills. Make sure you don’t have any extra charges. If found, immediately call your bankers and ask them to investigate.

Lastly, you can also ask your bank to give you one-time “disposable” credit card numbers. This way, you can stay safe even if the seller website gets hacked and your information falls into Cybercriminals’ hands.

Following these 8 easy steps will make sure that you have the best Cyber Monday shopping experience ever. Happy shopping!

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