This year Black Friday falls on November 25th while Cyber Monday will be on November 28th. During these four days, online sellers all across the internet bank in on the opportunity to make lots of money. Merchants have reported they make 25 percent of their annual sales during this shopping festival.

However, it is not enough to display your products with discounts and hope they will sell. You need to use the right tools to enhance the customer experience and drive in more traffic to your eStore. This is why those who are planning to take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals should use the Shopify apps listed below to make the most of this season.


This service only costs $14.99 per month and you can show off past customers to convince the visitors that they are missing out on a lot. The name is an acronym for ‘Fear of Missing Out’ and it is what compels many people to buy something just because everyone else is. Recent purchases are shown through a small notification popping up at the corner of a store. The notifications show the location, name and purchase of the last customers and lets visitors know how popular the store is.

Product Discount

For a one-time charge of $99 you can include product discount to your online store. This helps manage the many items you will be putting up for a Cyber Monday discount. This application makes it easier to add a variety of discounts and schedule them for certain time periods. It is easier to create discount codes, take a percentage off the original price and create offers such as free gifts for customers who spend over a certain amount. You will no longer have to manually update or keep track of all these offers.


Privy is completely free and lets you add pop-ups to your store. You can customize the style, layout, design and colors of the pop up and even set triggers to decide when they should appear. However, for Cyber Monday deals the perfect pop ups are exit intent ones which can offer visitors about to leave the website some type of offer in exchange for their email address. This turns many visitors into buyers on the spot and also helps build an email subscription list for future marketing purposes.

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