What is Black Friday and How to Find the Best Black Friday Deals

What is black friday? When is black friday? How to buy for black friday?How to find the best black friday deals? Read this article and find out!

Black Friday

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Black Friday Deals

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Why is Black Friday Called Black Friday? What is black friday? When is black friday?

What is Black Friday and When is Black Friday 2017?

What is Black Friday and When is Black Friday 2017?

The day after Thanksgiving (the first friday after Thanksgiving) is the popular Black Friday. This day officially celebrates the start of the holiday shopping season. All stores come out with special deals and promotions to attract new customers to their shop. This day is so popular that people stand in line a few hours before the shops are opened, in order to grab the products they need and go home with as many products as possible. Without a doubt, this is the biggest shopping day of the year.

Even though Black Friday fall on November 24 this year, the days before are also hectic as all retailers and online sellers are under pressure to deliver on time. That is why, you may notice that there are many stores that launch deals, sales, and promotion well ahead of the biggest shopping day of the year, so pay attention and keep your eyes open for early discounts and offers.

This day, is always accompanied by Cyber Monday which used to be a totally separate event before until last year, when it was pronounce as an extension to the Black Friday weekend. So, if you love a bargain, embrace yourself as the shopping season is just around the corner.

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Did All Retailers and Online Sellers Take Part in Black Friday Deals?

Sadly, no. Last year, Homebase, Asda, Next, and Ikea were a few of the many who turned down their participation in black friday deals. There are different reasons for this decision. A representative from Asda said that their customers wanted low prices and discounts throughout the whole festive season and not just for 24 hours. That is why, they decided to step away from Black Friday.

However, there were millions of companies who decide to join this so called madness and participate in Black Friday deals. A lot of people would like to know which shops conquered the market last year. There is no doubt that the competition was fierce, but when it comes down to tech products, Apple, Amazon, and Game were the ultimate winners, while Debenhams appeared to win in the fashion war.

How to Find the Best Deals, Discounts, and Bargains?

The biggest problem of Black Friday is that you can purchase something you don’t need, just because the price is cheap. The best advice we can give you is to plan ahead and be sensible. Make a list of all the products you need and want to buy and start looking according to your list.

It is important to do your research one day before Black Friday, you need to compare prices before your buy something so you can be absolutely sure you are saving money, you need to look for early bird shopper offers and discounts, and plot out where you want to shop!

If you are really excited about this year’s Black Friday, you can beat the crowds with night owl discounts on Thanksgiving. Many retailers will be presenting special offers and deals which can be ordered online and picked up at the store.

Have fun and save money while you shop!